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That 1989 mashup Taylor was “OBSESSED” with

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    Alright, Swifties! 🎉 Are you ready for Taylor’s Version of 1989?

    Remember back in 2014 when we were all absolutely vibing with the bangers “Blank Space” and “Style”? 🎶

    Blank Space x Style

    We took a deep dive into the deepest twitter archives, into 2014 – the year of original 1989 and found this post:

    She actually loved it so much that she shared this gem on her Facebook, Twitter, and even her Google+ page. Yeah, remember Google+? Good times. 😂

    Watch the Video

    Anyhow, the original link is long gone, but we tracked down the video Taylor was OBSESSED with:

    Blank Space x Style mashup by a Nashville Duo

    The Duo from Nashville

    The artists behind this masterpiece?

    The uber-talented Nashville duo, Louisa Wendorff and Devin Dawson. Their YouTube mashup dropped right before Christmas, and it didn’t take long before Taylor herself stumbled upon it. And guess what? She LOVED it!

    Swiftie Reception

    Now, this wasn’t just any mashup. Wendorff and Dawson turned it into an unplugged boy-girl love anthem that’s totally their own. 🔥 The Swiftie universe and media outlets went wild for it, showering the duo with all the love and praises they deserved. Fast forward to now, that video is still rocking the YouTube charts with millions of views and counting.


    In a nutshell, this “Blank Space” and “Style” collab was a refreshing twist on two of Taylor’s iconic tracks. Not only did it spotlight the skills of two rising artists, but it also showed how the internet can truly be the ultimate stage for fresh tunes. So, hats off to the wonders of social media, and here’s to more such exciting finds! 🥂🎤🌟




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