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Breakups, Spotify, Same-sex bill: What The 1989 TV Vault Tracks Might Be About

We are all eagerly anticipating the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version), the re-recorded version of her 2014 album “1989” 🎵. One of the most exciting aspects of the new album are the “vault tracks”, previously unreleased songs from the “1989” era.

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    Yesterday, thanks to global effort (and breaking down Google!) Taylor Swift has revealed the titles of four of the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) vault tracks!

    They are:

    • “Is It Over Now?”
    • “Now That We Don’t Talk”
    • “Say Don’t Go”
    • “Suburban Legends”

    Swifties have been speculating about what these songs might sound like and what they might be about 💭. Some have even suggested possible collaborations with other artists.

    SLUT / LUST – solved

    It’s worth noting that there could be more vault tracks that haven’t been revealed yet. Taylor Swift has a history of releasing bonus tracks with her re-recorded albums, so it’s possible that more songs could be added to “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” in the future 🤩, especially that we have that one TS!UL / SLUT / LUST track to decode. (I’m team Taylor Swift Loves U! :D)

    Update: It has been confirmed that the new track is “Slut!”. Read about possible meanings behind this title here.

    With this new re-recorded album set to be released soon (October 27), it won’t be long until we get to hear these previously unheard songs for ourselves 🎉, but for now – let’s take a dive into speculations on what these songs might be about.

    Song Speculations

    Suburban Legends

    Looking at Taylor’s life around 2014, when the song was supposedly written, we can speculate about the possible meaning behind the track “Suburban Legends” from her upcoming album “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” 🎶.

    Here are some of our guesses:

    Taylor Swift’s Suburban Childhood Home
    • Nostalgia for childhood: The term “suburban” often refers to a type of neighborhood or community, and many people have fond memories of growing up in such areas. Taylor Swift has written about her childhood and teenage years in several songs, so it’s possible that “Suburban Legends” could be a reflection on those times.
      • The fact that the song shares a title with a band that performed at a Belmont talent show in 2004 could suggest that Taylor is reminiscing about her own experiences growing up in a suburban community.
      • Interestingly the last gig of the band “Suburban Legends” was on May 19, a celebration for the passing of the same-sex marriage bill. 🏳️‍🌈
      • Also, in December 2014 Taylor tweeted a link to a Belmont’s students mashup of “Blank Space” and “Style” with caption “OBSESSED”.

    Watch the spectacular Blank Space and Style mashup here!

    Other possible themes in the “Suburban legends” might be:

    • Small-town life: Taylor Swift grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania before moving to Nashville to pursue her music career. She has written about small-town life in several songs, including “Our Song” and “Love Story”. It’s possible that “Suburban Legends” could be another exploration of this theme, with Taylor reflecting on the unique experiences and challenges of growing up in a small town or suburban community.
    • Social commentary: Taylor Swift has been known to use her music to comment on social issues, such as in “The Man” and “You Need to Calm Down”. It’s possible that “Suburban Legends” could be a commentary on suburban culture or lifestyle.
    • Exploration of suburban culture: The phrase “Suburban Legends” could be interpreted in a broader sense, reflecting the idea of the myths and legends that surround suburban culture. In 2014, there was a growing trend of “suburban gothic” in popular culture, with movies and TV shows like Gone Girl and “Twin Peaks” exploring the darker side of suburban life. The track could be a commentary on these themes, exploring the myths and legends that surround suburban culture.
    • Personal growth: Taylor Swift has gone through many changes and transformations throughout her career, both musically and personally 🌟. It’s possible that “Suburban Legends” could be a reflection on her own personal growth and evolution.

    Without more information about the song, it’s difficult to know for sure what “Suburban Legends” is about. However, based on Taylor Swift’s past work and the context of her life in 2014, these are some possibilities. Fans will have to wait for the release of “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” to find out the true meaning behind the track 🤔.

    Is It Over Now?

    The next song in the vault is “Is It Over Now”. What was over in Tay’s life in 2014?

    Taylor Swift and her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris
    • Reflection on a past relationship: Taylor Swift is known for writing about her personal experiences, especially when it comes to relationships. “Is It Over Now?” could be a reflection on a past romantic relationship, exploring the emotions and thoughts that arise when two people who were once close no longer communicate. In 2014, Taylor Swift was rumored to be dating Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, so it’s possible that the song could be about their relationship or another past romance.
    • Transition in her career: In 2014, Taylor Swift was transitioning from her country music roots to a more pop-oriented sound. “Is It Over Now?” could be a reflection on the challenges and pressures she faced during this time, with the lyrics exploring the idea of moving on from the past and embracing new beginnings 🌱.
      • Additionally, in January 2014 Taylor failed to win a Grammy. Could this song be about her being worried about the future of her career?
      • In June 2014 Taylor’s record-breaking ‘Red’ World Tour finally wound down.
    “Red” was the highest grossing tour of 2013, raking in $110 million during the North American leg – she traveled across Europe and Asia for the final stretch and ended the worldwide trek in Shanghai in June. Could “Is It Over Now?” be sigh of relief?

    Now That We Don’t Talk

    Moving on to the third Vault Track “Now That We Don’t Talk” – we can’t shake off the feeling that this song will be somewhat similar to “Call It What You Want”. Here are our top 4 speculations:

    • Becoming fluent in memes: 2014 was the year Taylor took it back to tumblr, becoming well versed in memes and gifs. Perhaps Taylor saw it as exploring other means of communication than talking, especially that some consider her 2014 online activity the crowning achievement of the era.
      • The highlight of this era was the “no, it’s becky” meme when Swift posted a photo of herself out in a shirt that read “no its becky” in reference to a well-circulated meme. The story behind was the article about a girl named “Becky” who snorted marijuana and died was – to amusement of many – illustrated with a photo of young Taylor.
    • Regret and longing: The phrase “Now That We Don’t Talk” suggests a sense of loss and the realization that the connection between two people has been severed. The track could delve into the feelings of regret and longing that often accompany the end of a relationship – so it could be about Calvin again, or perhaps someone else… 🥺.
    • Moving on and growth: In 2014, Taylor Swift was transitioning from her country music roots to a more pop-oriented sound. “Now That We Don’t Talk” could be a song about moving on from a past relationship, learning from the experience, and embracing new beginnings 🌱.
    • Exploration of communication and connection: Taylor Swift has touched on themes of communication and connection in her music before, such as in the song “Call It What You Want”. “Now That We Don’t Talk” could be another exploration of these themes, examining the ways in which people connect and disconnect from one another 📞.

    Say Don’t Go

    The 1989 era in Taylor’s life was marked by quite a few departures, each of which could be a theme for a song titled “Say Don’t Go”. Here are a few of our guesses:

    • Love letter to Spotify? In late 2014 refused to give away her music for free and abruptly removed her songs from the streaming service Spotify. She later called Spotify a “grand experiment” she wasn’t going to take part in in the shape it was at the time, stressing that artists should be paid fairly for their creations.
    • Heartbreak and Loss 💔: Considering the emotional depth of Taylor Swift’s songs, “Say Don’t Go” could be about heartbreak and the pain of a failed relationship. The lyrics might delve into the aftermath of a breakup and the struggle to move on.
    • Personal Growth and Transformation 🌱: As “1989” marked a significant transition in Taylor Swift’s career from country to pop music, “Say Don’t Go” could reflect her personal growth and transformation during this time. The song might explore the challenges and triumphs of embracing a new artistic direction.
    • Nostalgia and Reflection 📸: Taylor Swift often incorporates elements of nostalgia and reflection in her music. “Say Don’t Go” could be a nostalgic look back at a past relationship or a reflection on the changes she has experienced since the release of the original “1989” album in 2014.
    • Self-Expression and Empowerment 💪: Taylor Swift’s music has been praised for its empowering messages and emphasis on self-expression. “Say Don’t Go” might be a song about finding one’s voice, standing up for oneself, or embracing individuality.


    The new addition to the 1989TV Vault Song family is a track titled “Slut!”.

    Alright, Swifties, gather ’round! 🌟 Remember when Taylor Swift stirred up a storm with some of her songs that, let’s just say, raised a few eyebrows? 😏 According to some chatter, Tay-Tay faced some criticism for a hint of slut-shaming in her tunes.

    Back in 2010, Taylor Swift dropped her “Speak Now” album, gifting us with the catchy but controversial song, “Better Than Revenge” 🎵. Ah, the drama! The tune took some heat for its, well, let’s call them “spicy” lyrics aimed at the “other woman” in a relationship, some went as far as calling it mean-spirited and slut-shaming. But hey, let’s cut Taylor some slack. She penned this number when she was just 18 and, like all of us, has grown a ton since then.

    Now, I’ve been hearing whispers about a mysterious track titled “Slut!” from the Swift 1989tv vault. But, to keep it real, there’s no solid proof that such a song exists from between 2012 and 2014. If it did, though, maybe it’d be Taylor’s way of addressing the past critiques or shining a light on the societal standards set on women’s sexuality. Or could be herself even throwing some shade at her younger self for those lyrics, distancing herself from that old mindset? 🌱

    But who knows? We’re just speculating here. 🤷‍♀️ Until we get some concrete tea, let’s keep jamming to her confirmed bops and see what she surprises us with next! 🎶🐍🎤


    Alright, diving into Taylor’s vault tracks is like piecing together a musical puzzle, isn’t it? We can guess and theorize all we want, but in the end, nothing beats the thrill of finally hearing those tunes. Swift always has a knack for keeping us on our toes. So, let’s just jam out to what we have now and eagerly wait for her to drop those gems. Popcorn and headphones at the ready – bring it on, Taylor! 🎧🍿🎤


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